About Us

about us

The Story behind the Sphere 
“If you hit an oak tree 10,000 times in different spots what’s going to happen? Nothing!

If you hit that oak tree 10,000 times on the same spot you will eventually bring that tree down.” Anonymous


We are a diverse group of innovative and dedicated professionals who start off from the premise that the difference between success and failure, winning and losing, boils down to people’s ability to function as one synchronized and harmonious organism.

At Grey Sphere we believe that if you FOCUS your energy on the right spot you are bound to have IMPACT. This ubiquitous philosophy resonates throughout our organisation, our services and our partnerships.We know that your organisation will only prosper when your leaders allow their behaviours to be guided by the principle that the sum total of individual efforts should result into transcending outcomes that exceed the expectations of individuals within the group.

Grey Sphere uses the latest advances in technology within the field of neuroscience in order to uncover the neurobiology of behaviour. In so doing we bring to you a pioneering approach to talent management that is fact based and results oriented.


Our Vision
Our Vision
Is to inspire people to transcend and become the vesicles of happiness, fulfillment and prosperity.


Our Mission
Our Vision
Is to be the preferred brain-based Talent Management business partner of organisations across the globe. To be relentlessly driven by the imperative of authentic mind transformation.​


Our Core Values
Our Vision
Fairness: We are nothing without our relationships, we treasure and nurture every single relation dearly, this is the primer for progress as social beings. ​

Honesty: We genuinely act with an open heart, expect from us candid truthfulness. ​

Diligence: We spare no efforts to deliver on our promises, we talk a straight talk and walk the talk. Cutting corners makes us sick.​

Transparency: We operate in full view of the world. Secrecy and hidden agendas have no place in our world. ​

Humour: In all our dealings and workings no matter how complex or intense the situation, we will never forego the positive energy of a smile. ​