Peak Performance

Peak Performance in brief

Peak Performance training is designed to help the individual gain improved performance in a chosen area, whether business or other areas where better-quality performance is desired. Neurofeedback focuses directly on optimizing brain function.

At Grey Sphere, we begin with a qEEG, or Brain Map, to determine which areas of the brain need to be rebalanced for optimal performance. Once brain function has been optimized towards the norm or typical for healthy brain function, it can then be trained for “Peak Performance.”

Neuro Feedback in brief

Neurofeedback sessions are geared towards perfecting the way the brain integrates auditory, visual, and other incoming sensory information. This complementary training further increases neuroplasticity, which enhances the ability for accurate decision making.

Neurofeedback assists Executives in attention distribution and focus control, enhancing self confidence, which accurately and productively contributes to their performance.

Expected Outcomes:

Improved focus

Increased decision making

Improved Stress recovery, capacity and regulation

Improved and increased resilience

Increased mental alertness

Impulse control

Increased retention and memory


How is it done?

Step 1: Candidate assessment phase. The assessment includes a QEEG Brain Map & a performance test which measures reaction time, speed, error resetting and impulsivity.

Step 2: Grey Sphere’ s faculty of neuroscience will analyze and interpret the reading gathered during Step 1.

Step 3: Based on the findings of Step 2 an interpretive statement is drafted and specialized training protocols for the individual’s needs is designed and rolled out.

QEEG Brain Mapping

A QEEG brain map is a ‘state-of-mind test’ for the brain, providing an objective assessment of how your brain works.

The QEEG gives us a 3-D reconstruction of your brain activity, enabling us to see your unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses – areas of the brain where there is too little or too much activity, and areas that are not coordinating their activity the best they could.

Once we visualise the key areas of your brain activity, we can specifically choose areas to train for optimal results in goal attainment.

Peak performance training helps elite business executives up their game.  Whether executing the flawless business plan or excelling in the board room, training your brain to compete is cutting edge.
LoRETA (low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography)
Using the same equipment approved for academic research, LoRETA allows us to identify (and ultimately train) brainwave patterns from deep brain structures, using a standard sensor cap with advanced source-correlation software.Being able, for the first time, to both identify and train these deeper structures in the brain is a major leap forward in both brain mapping and peak performance neurofeedback.The ability to train entire brain networks as a unit significantly reduces the number of sessions required to see results.