Radical Innovation

In a nutshell​

“Innovate to learn; don’t learn to innovate” – John Brooker.

In our view you don’t achieve innovation by putting people in a workshop and teaching them about Innovation and creative thinking. Radical innovation is all about putting together the right team and to kick start the journey of innovation.
What this process does for you is to practically tackle real business issues (capture opportunities or overcome challenges) and emerge with tangible initiatives that will radically improve your business results.


  • Because your people know the pulse of your organisation, with the right resources and the right structure they can revolutionize the organisation.​
  • Because change is constant and if you are to survive you ought to innovate.
  • Because what worked yesterday will certainly not work tomorrow.
  • In a densely packed market, innovation is the discipline that will allow you to rise above the competition.
Radical Innovation Infograph- radical innovation page
The Inn8 Methodology:​

Step 1: Sense Opportunities​
Step 2: Explore Opportunity ​
Step 3: Clarify Opportunity ​
Step 4: Create propositions ​
Step 5: Hone Proposition ​
Step 6: Shape Strategy ​
Step 7: Foster Acceptance​
Step 8: Plan Sprint Actions​