Talent And Team Assessment

In a nutshell

In a knowledge economy talent makes all the difference; it is the most prized asset of any organisation. A great talent in one organisation does not necessarily mean that he/she will be great in yours, (even though it may be the same industry) history has taught us this fact the hard way again and again.

The compatibility factors are many and it takes a precise and meticulous methodology to identify and assess talent, as well as the likelihood of success of such talent in various project teams.

Our neuro based approach, combined with a robust methodology, gives us the edge when it comes to identifying desired traits and building assessment centers to sift through internal and external talent pools.


  • Getting the right talent in your organisation within any position will yield returns beyond your imagination.
  • Getting the wrong talent in your organisation, and especially in key positions, will hurt your organisation.
  • The margin for error in today’s fast paced and ambiguous economy is too small to risk investing in the “wrong” talent.
  • A concise and targeted talent strategy starts with a precise identification process.
  • You can only find what you are looking for if you KNOW what you are looking for.
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With a consulting approach, our team will:

Step 1: Assess the mid and long term strategic objectives of the organisation [compulsory]

Step 2: In collaboration with a multi disciplinary team, define what great talent looks like (in line with strategic goals)

Step 3: Design a custom made assessment center that will assess the desired traits and behaviours identified in Step 2.

Step 4: Develop the talent to reach the expected level of performance