Values Activation

In a nutshell

There exist “stated” organisational values and “lived” organisational values. In many cases there is a big gap between the stated and the lived values. This gap can be translated as the dwindling (or complete lack thereof) cohesion that the organisation faces when executing strategy.

One example would be as follows “Organisation X has Transparency as a core value and decides to carry out a restructuring for a flatter organisation. The expected outcome is to speed up decision making.” In this specific scenario if the lived culture is one whereby fear is predominant then the objectives to the restructure will not be achieved.

Turning implicit and shared values into action will result in a more collaborative and trusting organisational culture whereby Values-based Leadership and strategic cohesion and execution will become ‘valued’!


Your values = your culture

Your culture = behaviours

Behaviours = outcomes

You want your “outcomes” to sustain the long term survival  of your organisation.

1042x781values activation infographic- Values activation page


With a consulting approach, our team will:

Step 1: Investigate whether the current stated values are conducive to the vision of the organisation

Step 2: Define the Gap between the state and the Lived Values

Step 3: Investigate the root cause analysis

Step 4: Make corrective actions recommendation

Step 5: Deploy actions