The majority of sales and marketing professionals are still focusing their strategies and actions around their clients’ rational thinking. Neuroscientific studies reveal that up to 95% of the drivers of the “buy decision making” process take place subconsciously and yet most professionals do not know how to appeal to the buyer’s emotional brain. The purpose of Grey Sphere is to drastically boost the commercial performance of large and small organisations by increasing their understanding of how to effectively target their customers’ subconscious brain.

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“Consumers don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say” — David Ogilvy

For one moment just imagine that you could access your customers mind without any filter, bias or ambiguity. Now visualize your organisation translating this insight into customer value versus competition. This dream is becoming less and less elusive due to the latest developments in the field of neuroscience. FMRI, EEG and Eye tracking technologies have redefined our understanding of consumer behaviour, consumer needs and consumer decision making process.
Neuro Commercial is a true game changer in the sense that it opens up a new dimension which enables organisations to transcend the way in which they deliver value to the conscious and sub conscious minds of their customers. With a breakdown of the anatomy of the customer’s mind and what influences consumer to take buying decisions, you can attune your sales process and messaging in accordance.

Grey Sphere Neuro Commercial Curriculum draws from the latest neuroscience findings on the one hand and integrates this knowledge with the building blocks of commercial acumen. This process is further enhanced by factoring in the most recent demographic changes that shape the current business environment.​