In an increasingly complex environment leadership is the main factor that will determine success or failure. At Grey Sphere we believe that Leaders are not defined by position, our approach to leadership is to enable and empower those in your organisation who can influence and change the way others feel, think and act.

“The mind is the root from which all things grow, if you can understand the mind, everything else is included”  Bodhidharma.

The foundation of Grey Sphere’s Leadership Development Curriculum (LDC) rests on the principal that there is a strong correlation between a Human Organism and a Business Organisation. In both cases the organisms have survival as their ultimate objective.


The context within which this objective has to be achieved for a business
organisation is shaped by: Globalization, drastic talent demographic shift and a behavioural evolution underpinned by technological and social innovation.


The latest Neuro breakthroughs are the benchstone upon which we have developed our leadership curriculum. At the heart of this brain based approach we leverage the empirical knowledge surrounding the 4 main neural networks [as per diagram 1] in order to structure the development of leadership talent.


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What anyone and everyone involved with Talent management should grapple with is the fact that the human brain is a consistently changing structure and that the right leverage, environment, incentive and culture will surface the desired behaviours.

The thrust of our LDC ties in all of the above in order to give rise to a new age leader that is:


Agile – Resilient – Mindful.

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