Leading Cross Functional Teams

In a nutshell​

When business decisions need the input of people in more than one functional area, cross functional teams are created. Assigning a task to a team composed of multi-disciplinary individuals from various levels in the organization increases creativity and break-through thinking.

In business today, innovation is a leading competitive advantage and cross-functional teams promote innovation through a creative collaboration process. Keeping in mind that some contributors may even be remote.

This situation requires a careful leadership balance. As such, being able to lead a cross-functional team to success requires a complex set of leadership attributes; to be a protector, a coach, an enabler and a facilitator, in essence; a truly and visibly holistic leader.


  • Because collaboration will always prevail over forced action.​
  • You have got to learn to recognize the greater good and be humble enough to allow the greater good to flourish.​
  • Because the survival of the whole system depends on your ability to collaborate.​
  • Because your goal is more strategic than functional.​
  • Because your position gives you a better perspective and you are trusted to translate that perspective into results.

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 3 days

Methodology: Interactive, Experiential Learning, Neuro assessment, team assessment, case studies.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​

Who should attend:​
Functional Directors, Senior Managers, Mid Level Managers, HIPO Talent, Senior Executives, regional managers, country managers.

Topic Keywords​

Feelings, preferences and the PFC, Decision making and Emotions, Control Network, Affect network , Reward Network, Diversity, neuro Transmitters and Hormones, Social Intelligence.