Nurturing Talent

In a nutshell​

The most impactful factor on the longevity of your business is the richness of your talent pool. Despite all the time and money invested by companies on systems and processes that support talent management, there is still a significant gap in the talent pipeline.

Why does this happen? There are two reasons: firstly, top executives are not trained and incentivised to detect and groom future leaders and secondly, Senior management does not see it as part of their mandate to create the next generation of leaders.​

The best future leaders are probably already in your organization and it is managements’ responsibility to create the conditions in which they can motivate talent and ensure that they reach their full potential.


  • Because your mission as a leader is to create other leaders.​
  • The organisation is in danger and left with a dwindling future after the passage of a leader without the next in line.​
  • Because it is the cycle that any organisation goes through. Leaders come and they go but it is advantageous to be homegrown.​
  • Because it is an integral part of a leader’s legacy to grow another leader.​

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 2-3 days

Methodology: Interactive, Experiential Learning, Neuro assessment, case studies, role play.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​

Who should attend:​
Functional Directors, Senior Managers, Mid Level Managers, HIPO Talent, Senior Executives, regional managers, country managers​.

Topic Keywords​

Coaching, Potentiality assessment, Talent Identification, Social Intelligence, Mentoring, Challenging, 360 feedback, motivation, learning and memory.