The Integrating Leader

Integrated leader

The Integrating Leader Overview

The integrating leader level would be more recognisable by some as the supervisory level in some organisations and for others, First- Line managers or even Mid level Management.

The common denominator is the fact that they are a level of your org chart that translates higher level objectives into team and individual objectives. These are the managers that most employees interact with on a daily basis, and if these managers perform poorly, employees performance is negatively impacted.All social interactions for a First level manager are meaningful and must be carried out with care. This is why it is crucial to take advantage of social neuroscience discipline and to be aware of cognitive or unconscious influences on behaviour.

Understanding how our brains function, and in essence, why we and others behave the way we do can help first level managers become more socially astute and socially adaptive, helping them to solve problems and take decisions, to help reinforce productive behaviours, to motivate their people, to coach and build resilient and agile teams.


Key Areas

​social awareness, interpersonal, collective goal achievement, harmony and synchronization, agility , drive, high performance.