Building Resilience And Agility

In a nutshell​

The ability to be resilient, mentally tough and agile, in essence, is the ability to lead effectively under conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity.

Agile leaders are resilient in responding to the resistance that change and uncertainty brings. Managers who exhibit higher levels of agility needed for sustained success in turbulent environments have a different mindset about what it means to be a leader. Agile leaders have a broad spectrum of behaviours that allow them to rapidly adjust their leadership style on demand in any given situation.

The greater the control your PFC exerts on your Limbic system the more resilient you are towards the challenges you face and consequently the more your own commitment to reflective action will grow.


  • Because the speed of change urges you to adapt.​
  • Your team looks at you in hard times, they call upon your clairvoyance.​
  • Because you have to absorb the pressure when it comes to it in order to allow your team PFC faculty.​
  • Because there is no leadership without resilience and agility.​
  • You want to stand the test to time and conquer any challenge that comes in your path to success, your path to happiness.

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 3 days

Methodology: Action Learning, Experiential Learning, Neuro assessment, Coaching.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​

Who should attend:​
First line managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project leaders, first time managers, aspiring leaders, mid level managers, directors, executives.

Topic Keywords​

Understanding the control network, The PFC, Logic is over rated, The power of subjective thoughts, the Limbic system , Brain Circuitry and the amygdala, Mindfulness.