Coaching For Integration

In a nutshell​

An important role to undertake on your journey to becoming an integrating leader is that of coach.

In this workshop you will be learning about the neuroscience of a coaching interaction, implementing goals, creating new habits to achieve those goals and energize your people to pursue excellence.

Your role as a coach will probably become one of the most important and impactful as a leader, because as a coach you have the power to facilitate change in a person’s thinking, emotions and behaviour.


  • Because you will only be as good as your team is.​
  • You want to impact the performance of your team in a positive way.​
  • Because you value people and you have a sense of achievement when your people achieve.​
  • Because you see the potential of people more that what they see for themselves.​
  • You are the binding glue between upper management and front line people.

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 3 days

Methodology: Action Learning, Experiential Learning, Neuro assessment, Case Studies, Peer to Peer Coaching, Team assessment.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​

Who should attend:​
First line managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project leaders, first time managers, aspiring leaders, mid level managers.

Topic Keywords​

Understanding the affect network, Preference Biases when setting goals, Logic is over rated, Empathic communication, the reward system, Individual perceptions, Dopamine.