The Mindful Leader

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The Mindful Leader Overview

A Mindful Leader is anyone in an organisation who makes productive contributions through the application of personal knowledge, skills and good work habits. A Mindful Leader can be found at all levels of the organisation hierarchy.

Mindful Leaders are vital to the success of organisations yet research has shown again and again that they are not developed to reach the maximum of their potential; they are the leaders of tomorrow! they are the seeds that you have got to sow today for your organisations to flourish tomorrow. ​

The success of any organisation is directly correlated to the effectiveness of interactions that take place between individuals. Those interactions can be top down, bottom up, peer to peer, skip level or cross functional. The subsequent levels of interventions for the Mindful Leader have been carefully crafted to heighten the level of self-awareness and the ability to leverage diversity in order to transcend.


Key Areas

self knowledge, mind mastery, connectedness, resilience, mental toughness, excellence, fulfilment, transcendence.​