Building Mindful Relationships

In a nutshell​

There is a vast body of research today that shows that business relationships are starved of the humane touch. We were designed to be social beings, to nurture deep rooted relationships that are Fair, Compassionate and Empathic.

Once you understand the physiological effect of these above mentioned principles on building relationships, you will be able to build lifelong relationships that will enable you to add value to your sphere of influence, community and organisation


  • Because the sum of all parts is different than the whole​
  • Mindful relationships give rise to greater collaborative efforts​
  • Healthy relationships correlate directly with longevity​
  • Happiness and fulfilment are closely linked to relationships ​
  • The quality of your relationships changes the structure of your brain for the better.

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 2-3 days

Methodology: Interactive, Experiential Learning, Coaching, Neuro assessment.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​

Who should attend:​
Any professional who wants to cultivate healthy and lifelong relationship in and out of work.

Topic Keywords​

Right and left brain synchronization, Relationships and Neuro plasticity, The limbic system, Empathic communication, Resilience, Serotonin and collaboration, preferences and perceptions.