Leading Self

In a nutshell​

In order to achieve excellence at anything, first you have got to journey within. Identifying and controlling your personal drivers and inhibitors is the foundation to becoming a better person.​
This programme will use the latest findings in neuroscience and take you through an exploratory journey through the brain and its various functions and how these impact your behaviours. This increased level of awareness will be the foundation for you to leverage diversity and relationships.


  • Because success starts with your state of mind.​
  • Before learning about any other topic you have to have a deep understanding of yourself​​
  • Self motivation puts you in control of your career.​​
  • Understanding yourself is the platform to building better relationships with your colleagues and family.
  • Knowledge of self is the power to change the things that you wish to in your life.​

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 3 days (out of office location)​

Methodology: Interactive, Experiential Learning, Coaching, Neuro assessment.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​
Who should attend:​
Any professional who wants to understand the biology of behaviours and apply that knowledge for self regulation and apply that understanding to real life situations.

Topic Keywords​

Self-awareness, Self Regulation, Diversity, Neuro plasticity, Right brain activity, Empathic communication, Emotions impact on decision making, Resilience, self-drive, high performance.​