The Visionary Leader

Visionary leader

The Visionary Leader Overview

The mental state required to see the future with the mind’s eye, to influence decisions, behaviour and drive toward that vision is critical for survival.

A visionary leader constantly scans the horizon. He/she is concerned with boundless possibilities. ​

What sets apart Visionary leadership from Integrated or Holistic Leadership are three things:​

  • Expansive scope. The visionary leader is mindful of actions and decisions taken in one part of the organization that will have an impact on other internal parts as well as externally. ​
  • Progressive and future focused. The visionary leader operates with a far-reaching timetable, integrating short-term results and a long-term focus. ​
  • Change oriented. The visionary leader is the principal instigator of organizational change.​

Developing the capacity for visionary leadership calls upon a great sense of self belief and confidence as well as the capability to make others feel the taste of the fruit of which the seed has not even been sown yet.


Pillars of Visionary Leadership

Values Based Leadership
Strategic Execution and Cohesion

Key Areas

intuitive, decisiveness, mental endurance, principled, risk, reward, selflessness, values driven.