Values Based Leadership

In a nutshell​

The most enduring and lasting asset any organisation has are its Values. Every single organisation has values, some may be more implicit, others more explicit.

Regardless of the form that the values manifest, the fact and matter is that they are the DNA of the organisation. Values are the alphabet in which organisational culture is written, and culture is the correlating behaviours that are embodied by all people forming part of the organisation.

A visionary leader cannot envision, let alone achieve, any image of the future if the shared values are not congruent to the vision. 


  • Because values are the DNA of your organisation.​
  • Because Shared Values unite your human capital force and guide collective efforts in the direction that you point.​
  • Values tell you what can or can’t be achieved by your organisation. They are the true indication of what is possible.​
  • Values transcend the barriers of space and time and enable you to see the future.​

Workshop anatomy​

Duration: 2 days (out of office location)

Methodology: Reflective Learning, Experiential Learning, Neuro assessment, neurofeedback.

No of Participants: 12-15 participants ​

Who should attend:​
Functional Directors, Senior Managers, Mid Level Managers, HIPO Talent, Senior Executives, regional managers, country managers, C level Executives.

Topic Keywords​

Brain Structure, Reward network, Social Intelligence, Default Mode network, The affect network, Bio Chemistry, Control Network.